Applespiel Presents: A Theatrical Primer to Every Panel at Crack

Presented by Applespiel.

Where When
Crack House October 6th, 6.00pm – 6.15pm

Applespiel will take every single panel at Crack Theatre Festival, and put it on a stage. For you.

Want to know more? Get INSIDE CRACK with A Theatrical Primer.

Applespiel are a collective of young and emerging artists who collaborate as performers, musicians, technicians and devisers. Active since 2009, Applespiel evolved out of a shared interest in contemporary performance and a collaborative creative process. In developing new work, Applespiel find themselves increasingly involved in testing dynamic audience relationships, engaging in personal stories, and dissecting structures of mythology in society. Applespiel are: Simon Binns, Nathan Harrison, Nikki Kennedy, Emma McManus, Joseph Parro, Troy Reid, Rachel Roberts and Mark Rogers.