Crack Theatre Festival 2014 Programme Revealed!

Image: 'Star Finch'. Selena de Carvalho, 2014

Image: ‘Star Finch’. Selena de Carvalho, 2014

Come On, Get Friendly… It’s the End of the World
Crack is excited to reveal our 2014 Programme! Check out the official announcement, or go straight to the goods
We have over 65 individual artists, performing in 27 shows, with 70 separate events crammed into only 4 days.
The time to sleep is now, because you won’t get to during the festival, that is for sure. 
We are proud to feature our inaugural Setting the Stages artists, who through funding from The Australia Council, are able to receive financial support while performing at Crack. These artists are asking you to contribute writing to their show, taking you on an audio tour of locals’ wishes, explaining using science on what the climate change apocalypse will really look like, and getting you to sing about it. They take you inside character’s brains, to Orwellian inspired worlds, or where everything is orange, and words and visuals blur together. We’ll be featuring these artists and more over the coming weeks, so stay tuned for interviews and photos popping up. 
Another new initiative set to fill your bellies is the Crack Family Dinners – BYO food, and join us at the table to chat with our artists about topics and forms trending through the program such as the end of the world, writing for contemporary performance, and durational and installation work.
Get Professional with our Panels, Masterclasses and Workshops series: Dream big with Applied Theatre in Your Art Will Change the World, check in with good mental hygiene and resilience techniques for performers with Psychoanalyst Richard Hill in We Can Make It, talk about using all things tech as integral ingredients in theatre with creative tech guru Daniel Flood in More Than Icing/The Whole Cake, and get angry and motivated when you hear about how artists are responding to the economic crisis in Greece with Eugenia Tzirtilaki’s Live Arts & Social Unrest: The Greek crisis case.
Our wider program is bursting at the seams. We’ve got every genre you can imagine and some you’ve never thought of before. There’s hazing ritual physical theatre, hand-made future instruments, philosophical circus, drag game showsguided poetry experiences, personal installation, self-branding and interactive visual arts, just to give you a taste. All free to attend. All exciting. Lots never-before-seen. 
Even our venues are super cool. The Crack House this year is Level 2 of The Store on Hunter St, a massive empty department store. We’ve scared away the pigeons, opened up the offices, and turned this cavernous hidden shop floor into a joyful artistic playground.  
So book your accommodation now, and start planning your 2014 Crack Theatre Festival Adventure! 
We can’t wait to see you there.