Crack Theatre Festival 2014

The Crack Theatre Festival 2014 (October 2-5) saw over 60 artists deliver a whopping 70 events across 4 days. This art camp got swole.

The new Crack House in the West End of Newcastle was an entire floor of a department store and alongside 2 huge performance areas and a myriad of intimate performance spaces (think, disused office kitchen), there was also plenty of room to hang out and chat, snooze off a hangover in the blanket fort (yeah, you heard us…), and grab a delicious toastie from the Crack House Snack House.

This year saw the first cohort of Setting the Stages present work at the Festival, with representation from each State and Territory in Australia. An exceptional opportunity for the Festival to support artists, this first year of funding proved that there is a whole country full of exciting artists who deserve a chance in the limelight.

To really kick another year into gear, we received funding from Arts NSW to present a truly kick-ass Festival in 2015.

The Program

Day 1: Thursday 2 October Day 2: Friday 3 October
Day 3: Saturday 4 October Day 4: Sunday 5 October

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