Crack Theatre Festival 2015: Great Success!

This year was one of our best. Our artists were amazing, audience numbers were huge, and so were the smiles on everyone’s faces as they wandered from show to show. We are so happy!


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We’re so keen to see your happy snaps that the best photo posted to us by October 20 will win a tote bag!


See something you loved? Have some questions or suggestions for the artist but didn’t get to see them afterwards?
We want to know! Fill in our feedback form, and we’ll pass on your thoughts to them. You could even win a t-shirt if you send in feedback before Oct 20! Get mailing here.


Every year we are bowled over by the support and generosity of our friends and family, our networks and community, and those who give it their all to make Crack Theatre Festival happen. So we would like to say a big sloppy thank you to the wonderful people who made 2015 such a huge success (WARNING: sappy list below):

To our sponsors and supporters – the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts NSW, Ben and Suzy Strout, and our new friends at Newcastle Bakehouse, Murrays Craft Brewing Co., and Foghorn Brewhouse. Your support literally put the food on our tables and generously afforded us the resources to make this crazy thing happen.

To Daniel Potter, Shopfront Arts Co-Op, Critical Stages, the University of Wollongong, PACT centre for emerging artists, CIA studios and Kevin Ng for lending us equipment, moral support, advice and places to work.

To our friends and families for putting up with us talking incessantly about the Festival, late night staff meetings, and constant travel.

To our tireless and effervescent volunteers, without whom we would actually have fallen asleep on our feet. Our team of event staff – Sophie on the Bar, our technicians James and Jordan, Alex Morris and her team of Social Butterflies, Mitch Lee our photographer and Amanda Walsh our videographer. To our PR gurus Kabuku for getting us way out there, our graphic designer Desmond Tan, for suffering through our vague directions (can the peeps be more sinister but also approachable and fun?) and our multitudes of last minute changes. Our merch printer Danni McGrath, who did a beautiful job of translating Desmond’s designs into banging wearable art. You all made us look amazing.

To our friends and colleagues at NYWF and Critical Animals – you are all joys to work with and you should be so proud of what you have achieved this year. You bloody smashed it.

To Kate Britton for truly believing in what TiNA is, doing what needed to be done, and for always supporting our vision. Legendary woman.

To Christina, Bec and the whole Octapod team, for working with us all to make a cohesive and excellent TiNA. It truly feels like we’re getting bigger, better, faster and stronger every year.

To our venue designer, Nicole Wilson, for making our Crack House into a home. Your imagination and innovations made our venue into a funhouse, playground and bright cozy nest, all while being practical and functional to the highest order.

To our Tech Manager Kahli Wolf, who spent the first days after getting her license driving a bunch of loud and boisterous women around Newcastle, and for keeping her cool as we consistently changed our minds and supported our artists in realising their vision.

To our Production Manager Tara Ridley, who was calm, cheerful and oodles of fun through the long hours, professionally and ingeniously solving problems as they arose, and keeping things running smoothly, with a smile for everyone.

To our Associate Producer, Kate McDowell, who was always ready to leap into whatever we threw at her, took tremendous initiative, and helped us achieve some long-desired, never-quite-possible-before items on our wishlist.

To our audiences, who made their way from down the street and across the continent to be at the Festival. Thanks for your continued support and for being super babes.

To our workshop and panel facilitators and speakers, for providing valuable practical professional development to our artists and audiences. You are helping to upskill Australia!

And especially big thanks to our artists, for whom we do it all. Thank you for taking risks in your practice, for stretching further to shine brighter. Thank you for your vibrancy, goodwill, ambition, and ability to make it happen in a short timeframe with a tight budget. We are honoured to support you. You are the future of Australian contemporary performance. Thank you for being our Festival this year.

With all our love, sweat and happy tears,
Finn and Hannah
Co-Artistic Directors