Day 3: 2015

Saturday 3 October

All the time! The Social Sculpture Network
All the time! Tiny Dancer
Screens around the Festival. Find all four!
1:30pm yesterday – 1:30pm today 24 Hour Performance Poem
The Roost, finishing at the Crack House
10am-4pm Creative Pen Pals presents…
Pen Pal Corner
CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances
10:30am-12pm Navigating the Business of Independent Theatre
The Production Hub
Midday-4pm Connection Timeout
Crack House
Midday-5pm Artifact
The Art Project
Midday Things That Are Left Behind: Preserving Performance Art and Performance
Crack House
Midday Grant Writing: Hot Tips for Hot Artists
The Production Hub
Midday Bouffon: The Charming Grotesque
48 Watt St
Crack House
3:15pm WouldMan: Let’s Draw
Curve Gallery
3:30pm Vladimir the Crow – Whispering Ghoul
Crack House
3:30pm & 4:10pm GODLIKE STATUS 1.5
The Production Hub
4pm-Midnight NEVERLAND (well, this is embarrassing)
The Roost
4:45pm They’ve Already Won
Crack House
5:45pm COLOSSI
Pacific Park
6pm PressOne4Love
Crack House
6:30pm Charlotte Badger: Woman, Convict, Pirate
CANCELLED due to unforeseen circumstances
7pm Crack Family Dinner: Mental Illness and Disability in Performance
Crack House
7pm Primal Screen
Foghorn Brewhouse
8:15pm HOME
Crack House
8:15pm Please Mind My Brother
Crack House
9:30pm Asian Ghost-ery Store
Crack House
10:30pm Finger Your Friends
Crack House
11:30pm Business Unfinished
Crack House

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