Crackommendations 2015

We asked some of our favourite organisations and individuals to look through our program and pick their favourites – and so the Crackommendation was born!

AsianGhost-eryStore-WEBCiella Williams, Curatorial Team, Darwin Fringe Festival

Asian Ghost-ery Store – A theatrical journey through the aisles where spirits, identity politics, AND chocolate filled pandas are in the basket – this work sounds important and delicious.

COLOSSI – Scott Wings is an awesome poet and performer. I have never before seen mental health and masculinity explored on stage with such irreverence and inventiveness, and never seen an audience so completely captivated by one performer.

Finger Your Friends – because a sex-positive performance-art punk party born of Peaches sounds like the best thing ever. Two thumbs (or fingers) up.

pen-palls-WEBKatrina Douglas, Artistic Director, PACT centre for emerging artists

I’ll be lining up to see (in no particular order):
Augmentation Lab & Forum – my not so secret secret is I’m bit of a sci-fi nerd so ‘Transhuman Augmentation’ is something I want to see.

I’m intrigued by the idea of finding secret films with hidden messages in Tiny Dancer.
With food, music and DA Carter – what’s not to love with Cooking with Music?
FriendQuest cause who doesn’t want to make new friends.

And a sneaky shout out to No One Cares About Your Cat from Tantrum Youth Arts and Creative Pen Pals from Platform Youth Arts and Corrugated Youth Arts. Three fantastic companies making great work that you shouldn’t miss.

free-speech-conditions-WEBNat Rose, Co-Director, post

24 Hour Generator (Masterclass and Performance) – As a co-director of post who has worked with Chris Ryan as our respected mentor for the past 12 years, I am excited by the thought of artists being able to work with him in such an intense period. What they create could be amazing!

Crack Family Dinner: Performance Lecture: Art + Knowledge – With the current climate of the arts, not knowing where we stand and if any of us will have a job next year (*sad face). It is important for us all to discuss our ideas, dreams and fears more than ever; to hear the current Crack artists thoughts on these issues and creating work is a discussion I want to be a part of.

Closing Party – who doesn’t like a party?! I think this is one not to be missed.

BusinessUnfinished_WEBCTFSkye Kunstelj, Associate Producer, Performance Space

Business Unfinished – I’m expecting an explosion of glittery ectoplasm from these two artists! Who could resist a show about suburban paranormal phenomena by the fabulous Nick ’n’ Tom? Performance Space supported Nick ’n’ Tom through our Stephen Cummins Bequest Residencies in 2014 and we can’t wait to see what they do at CRACK.

The Social Sculpture Network – Fluxus for the digital age. A little something for all those closeted avant-garde enthusiasts. I love the simplicity of this work and its potential to create community by utilising the disembodied digital realm to generate human interaction.

They’ve Already Won – I’ve loved following Harriet and her work with Sydney-based performance collective zin this year (they’ve been unstoppable!). It’s going to be excellent to see her tackle the bastardisation of language with the talented and eloquent Pierce Wilcox. Another work that speaks to the concerns of the digital era.