THROUGH THE CRACKS: Amelia de Frost & Babyfreeze


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CTF: Tell us about yourselves?

Bona fide celebrities Amelia de Frost and Babyfreeze have little in common and barely tolerate each other as people, but they are united in their belief that Aerobicide: Feel Better is the most complete and permanent Wellness System in the entire First World.

CTF: Amelia De Frost, for the people at home – what does it take to be a microwave cooking enthusiast? How did you and Babyfreeze identify the need for the Aerobicide Extreme Wellness system?

Being a microwave cooking guru is more than a lifestyle. One has to have a vision. Passion. To be chosen by the people to deliver a very important message that has the power to transform people’s lives. Just as Babyfreeze and I were chosen by the company Total Spray to market this amazing new product, being a microwave chef is a calling.

CTF: A highlight of developing and/or performing this work so far?

Completely unlocking our own perfected selves by dominating the 14 precepts of Absolute Wellness has been a real highlight.

CTF: What are three words/phrases that describe you/your collective’s body of work?

Endless Wellness. Total Celebrity. Accessibly Superior.

CTF: What can audiences expect?

Audiences will witness us demonstrate the spectacular dynamic wellness that Aerobicide: Feel Better provides for THREE HOURS NON-STOP. Every 20 minutes throughout the performance audiences will have an opportunity to join in and feel, dance and taste the Aerobicide system for themselves!

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before? Is there a little pearl of a memory you can share with us that marks that experience as distinctly CTF?

Crack has long been our favourite fitness industry tradeshow and we love Crack’s commitment to the bleeding edge of lifestyle technology. 


 AEROBICIDE: FEEL BETTER Instructional Dance Video