THROUGH THE CRACKS: Madison Chippendale

See MADDIE IS HAMLET by Madison Chippendale at #CTF2017!

CTF: Why do you make experimental performance?

I am an artist that is fascinated by personal story telling in performance. I believe that experimental performance offers a lot of scope for those stories to be uncovered, interrogated & shared. The important part of the performance medium for me as both audience and performer is the immediacy and proximity of it. It happens right in front of you, to you and for you.


CTF: Why Hamlet? What can classics do for us?


So, Maddie is Hamlet is not actually a performance of Hamlet. Maddie is Hamlet uses the experience of the character of Hamlet as a reflection of my own lived experience. 
Hamlet was not the first Shakespeare I had read or watched, but it kept re-appearing in my studies at both school & university and I just went deeper and deeper into it each time. I found myself really fascinated by Hamlet as a character. I became obsessed with the idea of playing Hamlet. In University, I had a Twitter hashtag #MaddieIsHamlet where I would tweet as Hamlet; the broody prince who had come back from University, a character I thought I identified with as a young adult who was also navigating University, living away from home. 
That was in 2010, so I’ve had this little flame for Hamlet tucked away for over 7 years. My dad passed away last year after a swift and unexpected illness, and somewhere in all of that surreal process, a little lightbulb went off in my head. A piece of Hamlet that I had not understood just clicked into place. I wanted to play Hamlet so badly and then, suddenly, I was Hamlet. I have used this Archetype of Hamlet as a character & the text of Hamlet to help me tell my own story of loss and mourning.

CTF: What can audiences expect?

Audiences can expect to get to know me very quickly through an intimate, honest and open performance with Hamlet’s famous ponderings & really bad coffee.


CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before? Is there a little pearl of a memory you can share with us that marks that experience as distinctly CTF?


My most recent experience with CRACK  was last year, an audience member after I returned from overseas. It was my first experience at an Australian Theatre/Performance Festival in many years and it was really great, it felt like a home coming to see so much new work by peers & friends & share a schooner at the RSL with them.