THROUGH THE CRACKS: Monday Night Cards

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CTF: Why do you make experimental performance?

We don’t think that we do. It’s not like we arbitrarily select a form and try to obfuscate it by making it intentionally hard to understand. A lot of time goes in to finding an appropriate form or a specific language. People often view our work as experimental, which is another a way of saying it doesn’t look like a script with characters they’re used to seeing in commercial theatres. We all definitely need to work towards a bigger vocabulary. The foundations holding up this notion of a shared national identity is based on illusory notions of masculinity and racial superiority, which is why we’ve ended up telling ourselves the same stories over and over in the exact same way. If the question is more specifically, ‘why do we make performance’, the answer is probably deep within our souls as human beings and perhaps too difficult to tackle in one paragraph.

CTF: What draws MNC to the ocean?

It’s cold and dark and we don’t want to go in.

CTF: What can audiences expect?

A near drowning experience that you’re blameless in.

CTF: What are three words that describe your body of work?

Friends. Play. Die.

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before? Is there a little pearl of a memory you can share with us that marks that experience as distinctly CTF?

Lots of years. And Finger Your Friends.