THROUGH THE CRACKS: Rebecca Riggs-Bennett

See MY SANDMAN at #CTF2017!

CTF: Why do you make experimental performance?

Over the past couple of years I’ve been working in sound production, sound design and composition. I grew up in an internationally roaming UK based visual theatre company, so performance has been embedded in me since I was little. I’ve become really besotted with the idea of combining what I know of theatre with what I make out of music and sound. Experimental performance is a platform that seems very open to me: I’m not sure where my work fits but this seems like the place. And it’s important for me to share this work.

CTF: What fascinates you about dreams?

Because I have so many! When I dream I genuinely feel like I am experiencing an alternative life! My dreams have always been very vivid and mystical and important to me, one of the earliest dreams I can recall was floating within a womb-like space (which I am still convinced is a memory). I love talking to other people about dreams also.

CTF: A highlight of developing and/or performing this work so far?

Realising the creative freedom of making music that truly comes from me.

CTF: What are three words/phrases that describe your body of work?

Unconventional, ambient, responsive.

CTF: What can audiences expect?

A unique, sensory, comforting and compassionate interaction. An ephemeral but memorable experience. Please bring an open mind and maybe a dream with you!

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before as audience or artist?

I have never been to Crack Theatre Festival before but I have heard amazing things from previous WA-based artists!

CTF: Bring My Sandman in all it’s glory from WA to Newcastle!

Yes! A Pozible campaign for ‘my sandman’ is currently running until September 5th at 10pm. It’s to help me gather what I need for the work and to help me travel to Newcastle from WA. Please check it out and pledge to the project here: