THROUGH THE CRACKS: Tantrum Youth Arts

See Tantrum’s TRAJECTORY: TRIPLE BILL at #CTF2017!

CTF: Tell us more about yourselves as a youth arts organisation: Why does Tantrum support young people to make experimental performance?

Tantrum Youth Arts has been around for 41years and is the leading youth arts organisation in the Hunter! We develop new, innovative, and inclusive, high quality contemporary performing arts projects characterised by collaborative processes and participation. We support young and emerging artists to be creators because we believe in the profound contribution that they make to the cultural fabric of this nation. Supporting young and emerging artists to create new work and experiment with form, is really important as it gives young and emerging artists the tools to create a unique language to express themselves with. It enables them to create work that responds to who they are now, and what they think about the world. Tantrum wants to continue offering creative opportunities to young and emerging artists because finding out what they are passionate about through performance is extraordinary.

CTF: What can audiences expect at Trajectory – Triple Bill at Crack?

They can expect an outstanding display of new work in development showcasing a variety of approaches to theatre-making. They can expect to be challenged, comforted and confronted, as well as encouraged to think, question, reflect and dream. They will experience the fun, depth and passion of these three exciting new works-in- progress, made by amazing and committed Newcastle based emerging artists. They can expect to hear some Spanish, see lots of colour and play, and gain a new perspective on a classic.


Say hello to the Trajectory artists!


CTF: What has been a highlight of developing this work so far?

This work has been one of the most different things I’ve done in my career. Trying to connect literally and metaphorically with someone on the other side of the world has been a challenge that has involved things that we never before thought about. For example: making sure that we have a good Wi-Fi connection, that the rehearsal times with Francisco (my fellow performer) are at a time that he is actually awake. And yes… we have been rehearsing at 6am local time in Chile! The most challenging thing is that he will have to be up and ready to perform at 4:30am for the actual performances. A big highlight for me was that Maria Jose Duran, my collaborative co-director, came all the way from Chile in the first week of August to give me feedback and directions; and now that she is back in Chile, she is working with Francisco, coaching him while we have rehearsals. All those little details have been the highlights of this performance, and in a really good way as they are giving so much life and reality to this work. Even though Francisco and I are not real lovers we are actually having a long distance relationship!

CTF: What are three words that describe your body of work so far?

Challenging, multicultural and passionate.

CTF: Why is support for mentorship and space for development important?

My mentor Sean Bacon’s support has been important. Not only his support with very specific technical ideas but he is also very aware about how all the technology and screens function as a third actor. He is so knowledgeable about how we can highlight certain parts of the story with the cameras and technology. The space for development in my opinion is essential to have for any project. When your work consists of having to rely on so many non-living things, you need a good space to develop ideas and possibilities.

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before?

I was part of Crack Festival last year (2016), as an actress in FiFo with Danielle Asquith as my director. At the moment I feel the experience this year has been completely different as this time I am part of it as a director/actor/dramaturge. My project has extra support from Tantrum and I will be forever grateful to them as they have been one of the engines of this adventure.


Sleep, Perchance to Dream

CTF: What has been a highlight of developing this work so far?

The opportunity to work in Tantrum’s space with my mentor Emily Ayoub creating physical and play-driven theatre.

CTF: What are three words that describe your body of work so far?

Visual. Intriguing. Whimsical.

CTF: Why is support for mentorship and space for development important?

Mentorship, residencies and professional development are fundamental to the continued growth of our diverse artistic landscape. They provide emerging artists the freedom to test and share ideas, make new work and collaborate. Every work begins with a little idea that could!

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before? Is there a little pearl of a memory you can share with us that marks that
experience as distinctly CTF?

I remember assisting on Josephine Were’s 3 Wishes back at Crack in 2015 which was an auditory tour down Hunter Street. Watching as a small mass of people made their way to the beach in silence while listening to the desires of their fellow Novocastrians through headphones was such a magic moment.



CTF: What has been a highlight of developing the work so far?

The highlight so far has been the freedom to play, explore, create and refine with a group of highly trained and energetic actors. They are always willing to try things a different way and add their skills to the process and yet are always driven and connected with the content as much as I am. I feel very lucky to find this group of diverse performers.

CTF: What are three words that describe your body of work so far?

Vulnerable, playful and impacting.

CTF: Why is support for mentorship and space for development important?

The mentorship has been an integral part of this creative process for me. My mentor, Lucas Stibbard, has such a unique way of expanding my thought processes and he really understand my concepts and makes me think differently. He has been so giving of his time and experience and he has always been supportive and he has helped me drive forward when I have been stuck or doubted my work. The space provides a safe environment where as performers we feel at home each week we gather. Having the same space and opportunity of many hours to play and explore is truly a gift.

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before?

Never been to Crack Theatre Festival so to say I’m excited to be part of it this year is an understatement. I’m really buzzing about it. It’s Just so great for Newcastle and I’m thankful for opportunities like this as an artist.