CTF 2016 Program Teasers

Photo by Kristinn Hermanniussen

Photo by Kristinn Hermanniussen

The Lightning Furies
Participatory Performance by Snapcat

Are you ready for the ride of your life? The Lightning Furies are en route to Newcastle, and ready to swear in some new gang members.

The Lightning Furies is a bike gang of tough women, genderqueer/non-binary & trans people, dedicated to a feminist mission of utopic bad-assery. During a two hour workshop, Fury-freshers will craft DIY bike gang accessories, learn simple bicycle choreography, swear the gang Oath and discuss the ideas behind the project before embarking on a forty-five minutes BYO bike ride en masse through Newcastle ready to smash the patriarchy with boots and glitter.

This participatory performance sees Snapcat, a collaboration between Renae Coles and Anna Dunnill, tackle the rights of cyclists, the rights of women, and the use of clothing and accessories to empower:

“As cyclists, we have to learn to take up space on the road. As women (& trans/non-binary people) we have to learn to take up space in the world. By riding en masse, collectively demanding to be seen and heard, we reclaim the roads, our confidence, and autonomy.”  

Keep an eye out for the workshop and make sure you don’t miss out! And don’t forget to bring your bike to the festival to make sure you reach all your favourite TiNA shows spread across Newcastle!


This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
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Polytics Of Voice
Forum by Playgroup

“We believe in theatre as a vessel for the unspoken, a voice for the voiceless and a way to make the invisible visible. We value theatre as a political, emotional and physical experience and endeavour to generate rigorous thought around the obstacles facing theatre-makers today” – Playgroup.

Part forum/part theatre/part creative mayhem. ‘Polytics of Voice’ presents four culturally diverse playwrights ready to challenge traditional playwriting processes and critically examine the role of the playwright as a leader in the new generation of new Australian theatre.

By examining the conflicts and tensions alongside the synergies and connections between writers, Playgroup seek to rigorously question, examine and develop one another’s approaches to playwriting to forge their individual voices and create vessels for their ideas that articulately represents who they are.

‘Polytics of Voice’ was created by ‘Playgroup’, a collective of four playwrights, Didem Caia, Hiroki Kobayashi, Laura Lethlean and Christopher Bryant, who microscopically analyse the foundations and culture of theatre within Australia to gain a better understanding of to achieve a sustainable output.
‘Polytics of Voice’ will be a collaboration between both Crack Theatre Festival and National Young Writer’s Festival.

This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
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Development Showing by Danielle Asquith

Development piece ‘FIFO’ explores the joys, the hardships, and the triumphs of Fly in Fly out workers and how the nature of their work shapes both themselves and their families. Driven by independent artist Danielle Asquith, this work will reach beyond the public perceptions of FIFO and reveal real people with real stories.

Through investigation and research with these workers, ‘FIFO’ will exhibit a collection of the vast angles of their working life while tackling concepts that are associated to the lifestyle such as the “Golden Handcuffs” ideology – the term used to describe those workers chained to the job for the money and lifestyle. This concept in particular will examine the pressure and the mental toll this has on FIFO workers.

As a part of our Development Stream, ‘FIFO’ will explore the use of verbatim theatre in a physical context and foster a sense of intimacy between performer and audience through the recounting of real experiences and a physical reconstruction of these experiences and reflections.


This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
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Experimental Dance presented by Ivey Wawn

At Crack Theatre Festival, we are all about challenging the dynamic of traditional theatre and artist Ivey Wawn is doing just that. Her experimental dance piece ‘mo(ve)ments’ is a work that expands and loosens the spaces in between events and actions, creating space for contemplating what these events or actions do.

As Ivey takes a step off the performer pedestal and forgoes traditional creative control to open a space for audience interpretation and understanding, ‘mo(ve)ments’ takes shape as a multi-media durational work that will not be a set of practiced movements but will be a presentation of ideas in response to the environment and audience interaction.

‘mo(ve)ments’ was born from a need to engage with audiences on equal terms and creating a space where the artist can uncover the work WITH the visitors, rather than before.


This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
#TiNA2016 #CTF2016

Echo Chamber/Witness
Live Art Performance by The Indirect Object

“Seeing might be believing, but just because we’ve ‘seen’ it – doesn’t mean we ‘understand.’” Contemporary life and culture is saturated with images, from selfies and snapchats to eyewitness uploads of war and terror. These visual bring us together; but they also cultivate a false sense of understanding and interconnection. Echo Chamber/Witness removes the visual, leaving the participant alone, in complete darkness immersed in a vivid soundscape, creating the sense of an unseen living, breathing, 3D world. A voice whispers instructions, a hand touches your shoulder, and a tactile object is placed in your hands…

Echo Chamber/Witness is a 10-minute sound and object live-art experience, transporting participants to the beaches of Lesvos, Greece – an epicentre in the Syrian refugee humanitarian crisis. Witness does not offer an interpretation of world politics, nor does it push an agenda. Witness is a sonic and tactile record of personal experiences in Lesvos in order to explore whether sound and touch alone transcend our collective preconceived notions to bring a new, personal depth and nuance to the images we see everyday.

The Indirect Object, our Setting the Stages representative from Victoria, is a collaborative group of puppeteers, artists, technicians, and designers that create immersive, experimental experiences in non-traditional spaces. Echo Chamber/Witness sees the collaboration of Beth McMahon, Michael Bevitt, Geoff Adams and Thomas “Soup” Campbell.


This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
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Two Rude artists Emma McManus and Maria White

Two Rude artists Emma McManus and Maria White

Saturday October 1st

Prepare to get Hysterical with Crack Theatre Festival 2016

This year’s Festival is overwhelmingly female – more than 80% of applications were from all female teams and the Festival is being run by women for the third year running – and we got inspired.

Welcome to ‘Hysteria’.

On Saturday 1st October, join a screech (definitely the PC term for lots of ladies) of talented female and female-identifying artists such as Emma McManus and Maria White, Angela Donlan, Becky Gethen, and The Lightning Furies for a day stuffed-full of shit-hot new work. And we want you to get hysterical about it.

You also don’t need to get your panties in a twist waiting ‘til Sunday to dance your heart out like usual – we’re putting on our glad rags a day early this year and capping off ‘Hysteria’ with our explosive party on Saturday night – rocking out to tunes from lady-rocker Casio Gloria and loads more…

Open to all audiences, this is a day of programming that celebrates innovation and experimentation – and yeah, some pretty hot babes.

Hysteria – Saturday Oct 1
Crack Theatre Festival
This is Not Art Festival Sep 29 – Oct 2
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