#AC/DC #PubRock #Deadset

Deadset mate. This is a pub. This is an RSL club. This is your nana at her 90th birthday. This is your uncle rocking out to ACCA DACCA. This is the great Australian songbook. Play bingo, play trivia, play football, play the greyhounds, play the pokies. Are you patriotic? We dare you. We’ll provide. Bring your mates. Christie and Claire bring the razzle dazzle, and twists and turns that might make your insides gurgle. It’s a vaudeville-cabaret-opera-folk-country-rock mashup. It’s more than you bargained for. It’s toy guns and koala bears. Give me a home among the gumtrees – or else.

Created & Performed by Christie Woodhouse and Claire Stjepanovic

Christie Woodhouse

Christie is cool.

Claire Stjepanovic

Claire Stjepanovic is a performance artist, classical singer and actor based in Sydney. Claire co-founded re:group performance collective, co-devising works Floorboards#01, Spoils (Woodcourt Art Theatre & Adelaide Fringe) and The Great Speckled Bird (PACT). Other theatre collaborations include As I Lay Dreaming (Shopfront), Out of Line (Shopfront & ATYP).

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