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Éden: What if Adam ate the apple of knowledge before Eve, would society be any different? This short satirical work, developed in residence with Crack Theatre Festival, is performed in French and examines exactly this. Audiences are invited to feast on a plethora of visual stimuli and sounds, as exaggerated caricatures come to life. Not only are we in the Garden of Eden but also on a beach along the French Riviera. Come and immerse yourselves in foreign sounds as we transport you into an absurdist world that is in fact all too close to home.

Created by Genevieve Butler

Genevieve Butler

Actor, comedianne and theatre practitioner Genevieve Butler graduated L'ecole International de Theatre Lassaad in 2014. With the development of three solo shows under her belt, she is forever tinkering with the creation of new characters, scrutinising the human condition and sharpening her craft in slapstick and movement analysis.

Presented by Crack Theatre Festival under the Setting the Stages initiative, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Australia Emerging Presenter grant.

Event Hours(2)