Five Petals

Five Petals

#Love #Ceremony #Memory

Five Petals is a floral museum of past loves. Floriographer Alina Tang will guide you through five interactions, each a delicate narrative of flower meanings. An intimate, 1-on-1 performance that explores our cultural relationship to flowers, to acts of love, and to an awareness of ephemeral beauty. A collaboration between SJ Finch and Alina Tang, Five Petals continues the two’s interest in our personal relationships to flowers, acts of love, and in what it means to love and be loved. How do we find ourselves again after we’ve broken up with love? Maybe what is needed is the act of repairing yourself through an awareness of ephemeral beauty?

This 1-on-1 performance runs for approximately 15min with a 5min interval. Don't miss out on this truly intimate experience - To secure your 20min time slot, please email Alina at  with your preferred time for Thursday 29th or Friday 30th Sep.

Created & Performed by Alina Tang and SJ Finch

Alina Tang

Alina Tang is an artist, florist, and performance-maker based in Perth, WA. Her work explores Floriography, gift-giving, romantic love. Her recent work includes Anthologia (2015), Tussie Mussies (2015), The Floriographer (2014) and 27 Days of Pretend Love with Steven Finch (2013)

SJ Finch

Finch writes and produces interactive theatre and visual art exhibitions. Finch co-directed the interactive Fringe World 2015 performance Friendquest with Vidya Rajan. Finch co-produced Grr Nights: a mini-festival of intimate performances part of Fringe World 2016. His practice is collaborative and multi-disciplinary, creating temporary micro-communities and demonstrations of care.

Presented by Crack Theatre Festival under the Setting the Stages initiative, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Australia Emerging Presenter grant.

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