#Exploration #Reflection #Regret

Our memories take place on landscapes both wild and mundane, played out in personal and ancestral, geographic histories. This is an interactive performance work, a love song to the locations that lurk unseen in our identity, a eulogy to the places gone too soon. Let us take you to a place you are known, a place conjured from the landscapes that have shaped you. In remembrance of the water, the wood and the rock; bring us a story and we will build you a home.

Created & Performed by Luna Ma Namara, Nithya Iyer and Devika Bilimoira

Luna Ma Namara

Luna is a Western Australian based poet and multi-disciplinary artist whose work is informed by training in immersive design, animation and puppetry. Her poetry has been published in journals both within Australia and internationally. In 2015 she formed collaborative performance and storytelling troupe Yarna, performing at festivals throughout Australia.

Nithya Iyer

Nithya is a Melbourne-based writer and performer whose work is the result of over 10 years of exploration in movement arts, South Asian dance theatre, and various energetic and healing modalities. She is the founder of BON, an experimental movement practice that she teaches across Melbourne.

Devika Bilimoira

Devika Bilimoria is a Melbourne based Artist and Performer. In 2015 Devika was a Finalist for the Bowness Photography Prize, the Macquarie Digital Portrait Prize and premiered an interactive art installation, MURTI at Fringe Festivals in Melbourne and Adelaide. Trained in Bharatanatyam, Devika performs with Jambudvipa Association for Indian Arts.

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