Hysteria: The Shake Up

Hysteria: The Shake Up

#Hysteria #TheShakeUp #Chaos

In response to an overwhelming majority of female applicants to the Festival, and throwing back to the (sometimes) planned chaos of Festivals gone by, CTF is turning an afternoon of programming over to some of our best and most exciting female and female-identifying artists. Who even knows what we will see. But rest assured, it will blow your mind.

Running simultaneously from both Pivot Dance and The Royal Exchange, we have a huge line up! These are the events that are locked in!

The Royal Exchange

16:00-16:30 - Aitäh 16:30-17:00 - Louisa Magrics 17:10-17:30 - Alana Mundi 17:40-18:10 - Grace Turner feat. Lily Leah 18:20-18:45 - Georgie Rose 18:55-19:05 - Elizabeth Barrett Smyth 19:15-19:45 - Scurvy & The Dogs 19:55 -20:00 - Georgina 20:05-20:50 - DJ Gashpower And then Kick on with The Pants On The Outside Party! 

Pivot Dance:

14:45-15:45 - Studio 3: Hannah Goodwin 15:30-16:15 - Studio 1: Kate Walder 16:20-17:05 - Studio 3: Gen Butler: A Rose Among Horns 17:00-17:45 - Studio 1: Emma Kelly Pivot Dance Studio 2 - Curated by Grace and featuring 10-15min presentations of works by: Sarah Murphy of PITS (painting installation travel society) Imogen McCluskey - Director, Film maker, Writer. Jodie Hui - Photographer Clare Powell - An emergent artist, writer and educator based in Sydney. Their current work is often invested in the social and cathartic implications of collaborative and expanded creative practice. Emma Size - An art theorist and practice-based researcher currently working with writing as my practice which is pretty feminist and deals with sex and hysteria. Willowy aka Brittany Green - An exquisite singer. Willowy's last album was recorded in this beautiful secluded hut in the blue mountains and is a concept album about coming into her own as a woman.

Fit the criteria? Got an idea? Want to test it out? See how you can be involved with HYSTERIA: The Shake Up by emailing us at cracktheatrefestival@gmail.com

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