#Fire #Bushrangers #Gender

"First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women."

A story told with flames. L00t explores and queers the mythos of the bushranger. It questions the trope of women as reward that is embedded in both our gaming and (IRL) in real life. Rebellious to the core l00t will set fire to your heart and burn the illusion of value.

Created & Performed by Soulfire Circus: Kirsten Wolf and Debra Rodrigues 

Kirsten Wolf

Wolf Ifritah: Focusing on fire performances, collaborating with Soulfire and increasing her skill set & presentation, wolf is grabbing opportunities to share her object manipulation skills, cross boundaries and explore performance as a medium. learning to clown around and embrace playfullness.

Debra Rodrigues

Debra Rodrigues: Trapeze/aerial, acro, dance, hoops, stilts and comic artist at festivals (Woodford, Illawarra) since 1986, with the rare experience of a full time waged circus artist for Tasmanian Youth Circus, Street Arts (Brisbane) & the Australian Touring Theatre Company. Debra is now Director/performer for Soulfire Circus

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