Look Up

Look Up

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There’s a dance party over there, you can build an imaginary friend here. Would you like a wish to come true, at somebody else's expense? Look up is a mix of site-responsive performances that investigate and disrupt our everyday routines, creating meaningful moments of exchange and connection. The Hive is Perth’s freshest mixed art ensemble, combining the talents of six emerging artists from across the art forms. Let them guide you through an interactive and immersive experience within a shared public space. Just you and the performer. Alone, together.

Created & Performed byPropel Youth Arts WA: The Hive Ensemble.

Haydon Wilson

Haydon has tiny eyes so people often get confused as to whether he is asleep, awake or under the influence when they’re talking to him. Other theories are that he doesn’t own a pair of sunglasses and it’s a result of adaptation. Some believe he’s just always looking into the distance for a comfy place to lie down. He likes to think it’s because he’s always smiling. He also likes to laugh, a lot. If he’s not laughing he’s probably in a job interview or something. He also likes to make other people laugh. And sometimes cry. Not because of Chinese burns or anything. But because they’re thinking, ‘Why am I not laughing?’ And as starting points go, he thinks that’s a pretty good one to make pretty good work.

Lachlan Jennings

Lachlan is an artist who primarily works with photographic processes to create his works. Capture images of Western Australia’s beautiful coast line in both a traditional, Christian Fletcher inspired style and a more contemporary style utilising photographic film to highlight the imperfections in our world. Creating a mix of hyper-realistic work with strong lines, a highly structured composition with a tasteful use of colour and more muted, minimalist abstract work. Currently exhibiting photographs of the South West coast at the Deck Marina, printed on matte paper gives the works a fluid, pastel nature. Lachlan is interested in perusing this media further to create more clean and evocative work.

Mariah O’Dea

Mariah likes too many things at once, and in turn, does too many things at once. She likes to call this ambitious, but mostly goes through life in a state of panic. She wants to experiment with art of all kinds, moving, making, writing and improvising, but that’s probably best described as ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none.’ This is also probably why she hates that term. She makes work to get a better understanding of what she doesn’t understand, which has a tendency to accidentally end up being about love. She is also a puppeteer for Camp Quality and sometimes can’t get over how much performing a role can help people, or how many times she can make her puppet sing Frozen’s ‘Let it go’ and still cheer sick children up. She believes art can help and inspire change and that’s why she's still trying to do it.

Rhiannon Petersen

Rhiannon is a smiley awkward human who shares a considerable amount of DNA with bananas. She makes performance based art, taking on roles such as writer, director, deviser, lighting designer and performer. Some cool things Rhiannon is involved in at the moment include the FirstHand program with Spare Parts Puppet Theatre, and working with emerging theatre company Those Who Love You. Rhiannon is currently fascinated by disruption, perception, ambiguity, and metaphorical sea creatures.

Sean Guastavino

Sean wants to make art. There really aren’t any other careers that interest him, or at least careers that he hasn’t missed the window for, like gymnastics. Sean loves watching gymnasts. His grandmother used to be a gymnast and often told him stories of the socialist movements in Belgium post WWII. The gyms would be the flagships for the parades, and each gym would have their members march down the streets in unison. But Sean’s not exactly into political propaganda. What he does love is spectacle, the abstracted and the symbolic. He is interested in how we construct ourselves and construct others. And maybe above all, the generational lessons, habits and choices that inform our individual and collective experiences of life. Sean thinks, like gymnastics for socialist Belgium, theatre can be a vehicle for progressive change. As Anne Bogart coined it, “a gymnasium for the soul.” A place where we can tell our stories, revisit our mistakes, and celebrate our humanity.

Zoe Street

Zoe is an emerging artist whose interest lies in the culmination of contemporary theatre and performance practice with the field of social research. She is passionate about working closely with individuals and communities to uncover and explore stories of everyday injustices. Recently graduating from Curtin University with a double major in Performance Studies and Anthropology & Sociology, Zoe is a well-rounded artist with experience in acting, devising, directing, dramaturgy and producing. As an actor, her work includes Melancholy Play (dir. Leah Mercer), Teeth 2 Tail (dir. Mark Storen), Cocaine (dir. Sean Guastavino) and Illyria (dir. Teresa Izzard) at Hayman Theatre. Most recently, she performed in and co-produced the sell-out season of Those Who Love You’s debut show The Secret Garden Project at Fringe World 2016. She is currently performing in The Trembling Giant at the Blue Room Theatre and associate producing Frankenstein: Some Assembly Required for Fremantle Festival. Zoe aims to continue developing her skills as an independent artist to create original multi-platformed work that provokes, immerses and inspires audiences.

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