Monument and SCRATCH

Monument and SCRATCH

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Supporting the development of brand new work, CTF presents two short work-in-progress showings from exciting new playwrights. Monument by David Molloy explores the fallout of a horrifying act by two young men, as the community they shattered struggles to piece their lives back together. SCRATCH by Fiona Spitzkowsky is in essence a simple story but challenges the forms used to project the experience of 'madness'.

Monument - Created by David Molloy; developed and performed by Matt Abotomey, Adam Buncher, Alex Francis, Lauren Scott-Young, Brett Spulak and Oliver Trauth-Goik; featuring music by Kirby Medway.

SCRATCH - Created by Fiona Spitzkowsky, Directed by Bella Vadiveloo, and Performed by Nisha Joseph, Jalen Lyle-Holmes, Brendan McDougall, Dana McMillan, Harriet Wallace-Mead.


David Molloy

David Molloy is a filmmaker, writer and performer. He has written three feature documentaries filmed and screened internationally, and has appeared in Sydney stageworks and films. He currently writes for Sydney publication The Brag and works as a film workshop facilitator at Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre.

Alex Francis

Alex Francis graduated from Wollongong University with a Bachelor of Creative Arts: Performance in 2012. Since graduating, Alex has been involved with Woodcourt Art Theatre (Spoils), Adelaide Fringe Festival (Spoils), Shopfront Youth Theatre (As I Lay Dreaming), Tamarama Rock Surfers Summer Camp (Sundowning) and Gibber (Moving on Up).

Adam Buncher

Adam graduated from University of Wollongong in 2012 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts majoring in performance and a minor in Creative Writing. Whilst studying, Adam performed in Mark Ravenhill's "Shoot. Get Treasure. Repeat", Marius Von Mayenburg's "Fireface", Martin McDonagh's "The Pillowman" and "Ant and Cleo".

Oliver Trauth-Goik

Oliver graduated from University of Wollongong in 2012 with a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Performance). He is a playwright, director and performer with a passion for comedy, a glass eye and a mean right hook.


Fiona Spitzkowsky

Fiona Spitzkowsky works as a producer for Attic Erratic and Artistic Director of Twelve Angry. Writing credits include Traffick (Sprung Festival, 2013), Accidents Happen (ATYP, 2015), and Top Up (VCA, 2016). She has also adapted and directed Twelfth Night (2013), The Taming of the Shrew (2015) and [Lady] Macbeth (2016).

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