Party Time: Excellent!

Party Time: Excellent!

#PartyTime! #excellent

See your Festival experience out with a bang at the closing party. Featuring special guest DJs and banging dance moves.

This is the time to let down your shoes, take your hair off and dance so much your metaphors will never be the same again. This is the cross-TiNA boogie fest you've been waiting all long weekend for. Seal the deal on making those crucial last minute memories. Don't miss it!

Featuring special guests DJ Dead Joke, experimental music makers Hedonist and Melt Unit, and your best dance moves.

DJ Dead Joke

Self-proclaimed airhorn enthusiast and novelty DJ machine.


Croy Broodfood from Lewisham, Sydney, has-been from Newcastle, put out some records some years back. Still crowing on about things, makes music in half an hour. Go to for more. Use Renoise, make songs out of a couple of bits you took from a two different records. Cut up breakbeats really carefully. Lardcore will never dry.

Melt Unit

Hyped up jungle and footwork.

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