Physical Theatre, Masks, and Mime-that-doesn’t-stink

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Theatre is much more than just words in a script… It's meant to be a living, breathing experience, so don't let it get stifled! Physical theatre can help performers and audiences access more universal forms and feelings - deepening the impact of any story. Body, masks, space, sound, and timing are all in the performers' toolkit, so we'll sharpen them up in this workshop...  We will explore new forms of expression, learning to animate the inanimate, and make the intangible tangible through techniques of mime, mask theatre, and more.

Wear clothes you can move in.

Cost: Suggested donation $10-$30 (nobody turned away for lack of funds)

Facilitated by: Nikolas Strubbe

Nikolas Strubbe

Nikolas Strubbe is a multidisciplinary performing artist, comedian, and educator. His work straddles themes from poignant to absurd, and he can often be spotted in circuses, theaters, cabarets, and fringe festivals… Nikolas is passionate about theatre and circus as realms of exploration and innovation - where artists have the opportunity and obligation to push past the mundane in order to share meaningful and utterly unique experiences with each audience. He travels the world, researching techniques to enhance performance (including mask, mime, magic, sideshow, dance, burlesque, vaudeville, storytelling, motion capture, puppetry, and more), and loves to create laboratories for experimentation on and off stage. Hailing from San Francisco, Nikolas now calls Australia home, where he has spent the past year touring his solo show, "The Incredible Feelzo: Man of Moderate Talent."

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