PoMoLiLo and Calamity

PoMoLiLo and Calamity

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Supporting the development of brand new work, CTF presents two short work-in-progress showings from new performance ensembles. PoMoLiLo by Coleman Grehan and team sees Lindsay Lohan step into place as your guide to all things postmodern. Calamity by Rebecca Langman and team is inspired by the Neofuturist theatre movent and focuses on a personal whirlwind of the last year.

PoMoLiLo - Created & Performed by Coleman Grehan. 

Calamity - Created & Performed by Rebecca Langman


Coleman Grehan

Grehan is a freelance theatre director and sound designer whose work has been seen in Brisbane, Sydney and Canberra; and heard in Melbourne and Wellington. Grehan's most recent works include: Boy with the Rainbow Umbrella (2015) and Portrait of a Young Man (alt. name "HIM", 2014 - 2015)


Rebecca Langman

Canorous is an emerging theatre maker and aspiring psychologist. She directed 5 star, sold out season 'Calamity' for the Adelaide Fringe and has collaborated with Calamity Theatre, toured to FAST Festival, performed with Urban Myth Theatre Company and is founder of the Adelaide Independent Theatre Collective.

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