S.A.R.A 2000

S.A.R.A 2000

#ArtificialIntelligence #Robots #Shiny

Move over Siri, Cortana and Clippy the paper clip! Prepare to be amazed; S.A.R.A 2000 is coming and the world will never be the same again! S.A.R.A 2000 is the worlds most advanced artificially intelligent personal assistant! Projected in front of a live audience, our test run of S.A.R.A will push the boundaries of human and machine interaction as she learns and grows. You won’t believe your eyes! Rest assured we have been guaranteed by our programming team that she will NOT become self-aware and rise up against humanity! Come and see the future, today!

Created & Performed by Robert Hogarth and Sara Strachan 

Robert Hogarth

Robert Hogarth has been making video games and digital art from the age of 11. He is a professional digital media artist who has created animations, interactive games and digital artwork both nationally and internationally and shares his expertise by teaching media at TAFE SA.

Sara Strachan

Sara Scarlet Strachan is a theatre artist who uses her interest in multiple art forms to create theatrical experiences in her hopes to make the world a more connected, expressive place. Sara has created works both nationally and internationally to tell stories that reflect issues in society.

Presented by Crack Theatre Festival under the Setting the Stages initiative, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Australia Emerging Presenter grant.

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