“ShatFace”: Effluence and Ephemera

“ShatFace”: Effluence and Ephemera

#Electronica #Poetry #Violin

Arriving, exploding and disappearing before your very eyes and ears. Grinding and hollering invocations from their dark he(arts). A fusion of performance art, improvisation and electronica. Crack Heads, luminaries, fringe dwellers and lovers [Everybody loves a train wreck] Hold onto your socks and your jocks. This is the stuff to shake your brain around to.

Featuring Casio Gloria: Jenna Blayden and Dapr

Jenna Blayden

Casio Gloria- The Kook, The Keys & The Curious. An intellectronically underscored performance poet from Newcastle, interested in anthropology, nature, folklore and memory. Her Anecdotal Tomohawks will have you cut up, in stitches perhaps with bits back in the wrong places.


Making weird music for weird people. Formerly of Memetic. Unfit for Human Consumption. The Bits. Inventor of MusicFox for Casio Gloria.

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