Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush

#Cake #Friends #MoreCake

She’s hit a bit of a sour patch, they both have- life tends to do that. The inspo memes say not to be bitter and Aunty M say’s stop with the saltiness, but can these girls actually be sweet? This is 45 minutes of biting comedy about life, anxiety and food from emerging theatre makers Madelaine Nunn and Rebekah Robertson. One more fod quip to whet the appetite: A show so sweet it’s sickly. Lucky last, a bittersweet love letter to life powered by a sugarush.

Created & Performed by Rebekah Robertson and Madeleine Nunn

Rebekah Robertson

Rebekah is a recent graduate of the VCA. Whilst there, Rebekah performed in and devised a diverse range of works. Since graduating Rebekah has worked with a range of theatre companies, continued developing work in independent collaborations alongside continuing to work as a creative producer.

Madelaine Nunn

Madelaine is a theatre graduate of the VCA (2015) where she received the Irene Mitchell Award and was selected to perform in Shanghai. Since VCA she has had a residency at PACT, been accepted into ATYP's Fresh Ink Mentoring program and has performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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