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Switch On

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Tone Camerata uses many ways to compose and improvise music. This workshop will focus particularly on the techniques used in Switch. The workshop is open to everyone, no need to be a musician just need a willingness to make some noise. We will be using just the body and voice to create interesting musical pieces.

Interested? Sign up for this workshop by emailing us at cracktheatrefestival@gmail.com with the title of workshop in the subject line.

Created & Performed by Tone Camerata: Rebekah Parkes, Sarah Monk, Natasha Dyason, James Maher, Tim Buchanan and Nikhil Chandran

Rebekah Parkes

A vocalist, percussionist, dancer, acrobalancer, trapeze artist, and capoeirista. Rebekah started with dance at a young age. She found a passion for physical expression and soon translated that to her musical talents. Now as part of Tone Camerata she explores the physical nature of music in contemporary art music settings.

Sarah Monk

Sarah’s principle instrument is flute. She has a degree in visual arts, and a wide range of musical performance experiences including folk, experimental, world, jazz and classical. She has a keen interest in experimental music, technology, multi-media, and non-traditional performance. Currently Sarah is exploring flute beep-boxing, and the Indian venu.

Natasha Dyason

Natasha began on the violin at the age of 6. Moving onto cello not long after. She has been part of the Bellingen Youth Orchestra since 2007. Currently she is studying under Anthea Scott-Mitchell at the University of Newcastle where she became the newest member of Tone Camerata.

James Maher

James is a composer, sound artist and writer. He has composed music for internet advertisements, short films; collaborated with contemporary artists, poets, bands; and created various sound installations. James has just graduated from the University of Newcastle with First Class honours, and was awarded the university medal. 

Tim Buchanan

A visual artist, projection artist, sound artist, and mover, Tim has produced multi-media work that has been showcased across Newcastle (literally). He has a passion for creating virtual systems that interact with music and movement, crazy visual displays, and breaking the conventions of music and art performance.

Nikhil Chandran

Nikhil comes from the town of Pollachi, India, where he began his musical journey in Carnatic music. He now studies vocal performance at The University of Newcastle, and aspires to become a musicologist. He is interested in writing cross cultural music, which has been featured in Tone Camerata's repitoir.

Check out the performances of Switch as well! Details below.

Event Hours(3)