The 12 Minute Monomyth

The 12 Minute Monomyth

#Poetry #Performance #Literature

Joseph Campbell coined the term The Monomyth in 1949. It is a template that actively illustrates the hero’s journey, from kicking the adventure off to taking decisive action, all the through to when they finally return home, and kick off their adventure boots to relax. In this short experimental work Scott-Patrick Mitchell will don the garb – and rather large white wig – of his alternate persona, Billy Wigglestik, in an attempt to explore the confines of endurance art and narrative theatre. The result promises to be hilarious, educational and very very short…twelve minutes to be exact. Bring your own adventure boots!

Created & Performed by Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell.

Scott-Patrick Mitchell (SPM) is a PhD candidate in poetry has produced performance works for the Crack Theatre Festival, namely 'The 24 Hour Performance Poem'. SPM produced dioscuri, a runway collaboration with ELLERY which appeared during Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2012.

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