Things Might Have Changed

Things Might Have Changed

#Memory #Routine #Imagination

Tasmanian off-site project-based Constance ARI presents new work by Hobart artists Dexter Rosengrave and Elissa Ritson.

Taking over the liminal spaces of the Elderly Citizens Centre for the duration of the festival, the artists respond to the rhythms, routines and community use of the site. Comprising of audio, video, and photographic installation, the works investigate modes of being, and the cross-pollination of memory and imagination that occurs in constructing the self.

Created & Performed by Constance ARI artists: Dexter Rosengrave and Elissa Ritson.

Dexter Rosengrave

Dexter Rosengrave is a Hobart based artist attempting to highlight experiences and perspectives that are often disregarded or hidden. Dexter regularly examines social institutions such as class, gender and age in an attempt to create awareness of social issues through her practice. She works primarily within the photographic medium and is currently completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania.

Elissa Ritson

Elissa Ritson is an emerging Hobart artist exploring the fluidity of self and dynamics of social exchange. Her practice incorporates performance, cross-media installation, assemblage, text, and subverted homecrafts to investigate liminality and latent tension in experiential perception. Currently Elissa is particularly interested in harnessing invisible phenomena through witchcraft and ritual.

Presented by Crack Theatre Festival under the Setting the Stages initiative, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Australia Emerging Presenter grant.

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