TiNA Talks: Art and Environment

TiNA Talks: Art and Environment

#Coffee #Talking #Environment

Coffee and conversation about art. Facilitated by CTF, TiNA Talks feature artists from across the TiNA program presenting their ideas and leading informal discussions.

Featuring: SJ Finch, Trischelle Roberts, Kevina-Jo Smith and Maria White

SJ Finch

Finch writes and produces interactive theatre and visual art exhibitions. Finch co-directed the interactive Fringe World 2015 performance Friendquest with Vidya Rajan. Finch co-produced Grr Nights: a mini-festival of intimate performances part of Fringe World 2016. His practice is collaborative and multi-disciplinary, creating temporary micro-communities and demonstrations of care.

Trischelle Roberts

Trischelle Roberts is an academic, artist and musician. Current projects include the band Mere Women, artwork in crochet and a Masters in Performance Studies at the University of Sydney researching artists and urban renewal.

Kevina-Jo Smith

Kevina-Jo Smith is an artist concerned with exploring environments and cultural climates through her works and the lived process behind them. Smith deploys abstraction and repurposed materials as a means of resisting capitalist logic, connecting the material world with the imagined, global with local.

Maria White

Maria White is a Sydney-based artist, curator and PhD candidate at the University of New South Wales. She has presented new work at Performance Space, Underbelly Arts, Blacktown Arts Centre, MCA Art Bar, Kudos Gallery, and Punctum in Castlemaine. She co-curated the site-responsive performance festival, Tiny Stadiums 2012-2014.

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