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Due to an accident, Hurrah Hurrah are unable to present their work TRADE. However, Artistic Director Alison Bennett will be running two spectacular workshops at the original show times.

YUCK: The Art of the Grotesque Friday 29 September, 6-7pm Join Hurrah Hurrah Artistic Director Alison Bennett for an interactive experience of grotesquerie, mockery and general buffoonery. You will spend an hour exploring the darkest recesses of your disgusting self in the context of a formal social gathering. Political correctness will take a sidestep as we explore our darker selves.

The Ultimate Lunch-Hour Clown Workout Saturday 30 September, 1-3pm Plunge into a 2-hour session of improvised clown performance with Hurrah Hurrah's ensemble member Alicia Gonzalez. You will engage in activities that will allow you to follow your impulse and quiet down that inner critic. Come along and let loose your awkward foibles. Perfect for beginners interested in challenging their comfort zone and unleashing inhibitions.

Alison Bennett

Alison performed in Hurrah Hurrah's first production 'Frenzy for Two' and is currently developing 'Trade' for the Freshworks season at The Old 505 in 2015. Other recent credits include Macondo's Clothesline (NIDA Independent), Blackrock (Long Walk Theatre), Troupe (Film commissioned by Bestival Festival UK) and DIG (Short Film, France).

Alicia Gonzalez

A Jacques Lecoq Theatre graduate, Alicia is a director-theatre maker and teaching artist specialising in movement and ensemble devised techniques to story telling. She works across theatre, film and education as co-devisor, movement director, teacher and performer. Alicia has worked as movement coach and movement director for several shows including Mardi Gras favourite The Punters Siren. She has also written and performed as a puppeteer for Umbrella Theatre (The Rocks Village Bizarre Festival). She is the Artistic Director of Marquez Laundry Theatre Co.

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