We’ll Become Good People (You’ll See)

We’ll Become Good People (You’ll See)

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Harriet and Mark are theatre makers. Brittany Murphy and Heath Ledger are dead. Theatre is also dead.

Collaborating for the first time on this bleakly funny piece of experimental performance, Harriet and Mark are two rising stars of contemporary Australian theatre. But will they burn too bright? Is their star waning before it could really wax? Is it all too much, too fast, too young, too furious?

They are both 27 years old.

Before they end up in a bathroom choking on their own vomit, We’ll Become Good People (You’ll See) is their last gift to the art-world. A swan song, a requiem, a really really cool funeral.

Created & Performed by Harriet Gillies and Mark Rogers. Designed by Hugh O'Connor

 Harriet Gillies

Harriet is a theatre maker, performance artist and one half of the art partnership zin. Operating across a range of performance modes including large-scale participatory events, one-on-one situational performances and devised works for the stage, Harriet makes experimental performance with a focus on collaboration, accessibility and fun.

 Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers (playwright) is a playwright and theatre-maker living in Sydney. He is a founding member of Applespiel and has been involved in all projects 2009-2015. Mark is currently a PHD candidate at the University of Wollongong, writing about reflexive dramaturgies in contemporary Australian theatre.

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