UNFINISHED BUSINESS at Crack Theatre Festival

Article by Cassandra Ramsay @cassramsay

The Festival experience is a unique and important experience within all the artistic mediums. Unfinished Business, a piece by NO SHOW have set out to use the experience of Festivals and turn it into another piece of art.

1 Emma Hall - Opening Speech

The team from NO SHOW Bridget Balodis, Mark Pritchard and Emma Hall will head down to Crack Theatre Festival to perform an external audit, uncovering (and covering up) the dirt of the festival – what people saw, what they missed, what they loved and what they hated. All the information will be recorded and catalogued in various ways.

The culmination of the piece will arrive on the final night of the festival where the audience will be invited to go through a memorial celebration of ‘the art that was’ and go through the task of letting go of using everything and anything from the four days – receipts, collateral, scripts, emails,memories, broken data projectors and broken promises.

Emma Hall, chief auditor and interviewer, will be going around the festival talking to people and what’s happening, what works and what doesn’t. But the other collaborators, Emma says, are the people, “everyone involved with Crack – the other artists, the audiences, the producers, the Newcastle locals, the bewildered backpackers.”


The work premiered at the You Are Here Festival in Canberra earlier in 2013. Crack is the concepts next incarnation, dismantled and reformed as a unique response to whatever happens during the four days.

“As theatre-makers, we’re always working within a temporal medium, and the festival context amplifies that” declares Emma.

“Through this work, we want to pay our deepest respects to everything that it means to come together as a community, and all the meaningless that goes with it.”

There is certain be some rich material for the work at this year’s festival.

Unfinished Business exists as part of the greater conversation the festival is having and the world around it” says Emma.

Here’s hoping you get to be a part of the conversation this October.