Jack Beeby will Shoot to Kill at Crack Theatre Festival

Article by Cassandra Ramsay @cassramsay

Bursting onto the stage at Crack Theatre Festival for the first time this year is Melbourne-based performer, illustrator, and player of fun-sized instruments Jack Beeby. His cabaret outfit 6” Uncut, will be presenting his debut show Shoot to Kill.

shoot to kill 2

Since graduating from Monash University in 2010, Jack has worked consistently in the independent theatre scene, and his venture to Crack is the first step in taking his work – in collaboration with creative production manager Anastasia Ryan – to a wider audience.

Fusing elements of trash theatre, demi-drag, punk and cabaret the show is a one man manifesto against the love story, presented by the all-screeching, all-spitting, asphalt-tongued androgyny prince Bunny Hutch.

“The inception of the project sprung from a desire to explore a different angle on ‘drag’ that strayed away from big, traditional, hyper-produced, lip-synching glamour shows and focussed instead on a rougher, more deconstructed style” says Jack.
“The actual content of the piece was inspired by a number of real experiences that happened to me, I’m rather ashamed to say, following a rather intense break-up” he continues.

But wary of the work turning into a self-indulgent rant, Jack continuously referred to outside eyes throughout the process and pushed himself to develop the show so that it became something new, entertaining as well as touching.

“Part of the process was a matter of deciding how far too elaborate and creatively embellish my stories to get the best impact. At its heart, Shoot to Kill is a story about coping through hard times of heartache, something that most people have or will experience and can relate to.”

While still featuring ‘big, bold and bombastic’ features of theatre, it is the tragedy of Bunny Hutch that is the emotional grounding for the piece. “It’s an element that I think is crucial to the intention of the show, and I really hope that that, above all, is the thing that hits home.”