Architecture and Performance at Crack Theatre Festival

Article by Cassandra Ramsay @cassramsay

The installation, performance and video art of 24 year old Arie Rain Glorie has often addressed architectural space, design and the human body.

His new work Interiors captures all these interests, and will be presented at Crack Theatre Festival.

Interiors is a large scale interactive installation. Arie measures his space and using red tape grids all the surfaces to approximately 1m x 1m squares, in a ploy to draw attention to the dimensions and form of space.

“People who enter the grid will encounter various objects that are geometric and ambiguous” says Arie.


“I am in the space dressed like a tradie to engage people with the idea that a building is defined by how we use them, the stories and lives that are carried out in them, and not by their original function.”

Interiors has been transformed through three different stages so far. It was first created as an installation for Arie’s undergraduate degree (he’s currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art, Expanded Studio Practice at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) and as an exhibition at Bruce Gallery called Dwelling Space.

By bringing Interiors to Crack Theatre, Arie hopes to engage with conversations about using art to activate spaces; and there’s no better place to do this than in Newcastle.

“For me, the best thing about being an artist is talking to and sharing ideas with other artists” he reflects.

“There’s no reason why art and theatre cannot be insightful and amazing while being very funny and taking the piss at the same time… Its these conversations that inspire me.”

2013 has been an incredibly busy year for Arie. As well as presenting Interiors at Crack Theatre Festival, Arie has had four other exhibitions, curated a Melbourne Fringe Festival visual art show, and presented at a number of other festivals around the place.

You can visit Arie website to stay up to date on all his projects.