INSIDE CRACK – A Controlled Environment

An interview with PressOne4Love

By Alex Morris @Nemiwai

Indie game developer Adam Carr of Crack Theatre Festival’s PressOne4Love describes the play as a “choose your own play,” in some ways similar to the young adult/teen mystery series, Goosebumps, Choose your own ending by RL Stine.

The play-producing trio is a collaborative collective from Wollongong. They are made up of writers Disapol Savetsila and Joel Burrows of Theatre Vs. Everything and they’ve joined forces with Adam’s company, Linebreak Collective.

All three are in their early 20s and have studied Creative Writing at the University of Wollongong. Adam said choosing creative writing has made all the difference in their careers and endeavors so far, even in his work in game development.

Together the three came up with the idea for the hour-long comedy. It’s set in an alien research facility where the audience has the responsibility of controlling the human male avatar who has been beamed into a house party, looking for a compatible mate. Joel is directing, and he and Disapol are also acting. Adam wrote the scripts and code for the program for smart phones and tablets.

“The concept is people bring smart phones and tablets and can vote or even suggest the protagonist’s line,” Adam said. “The audience has a role.”

PressOne4Love are Crack Theatre Festival’s Setting the Stages artists for New South Wales. They have already brought their play once this weekend, and you’ve got a chance to see it one more time at 6 pm tonight at the Crack House! That’s right now!