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We’ve got what you’ve been waiting for: Crack Theatre Festival merch!
Support the Festival that loves you and show your true colours with our t-shirts, totes and badges.

Crack Theatre Festival is made by artists for artists, and so is our merch. Designed by artist Desmond Tan, hand-printed by artist Danni McGrath, these are 100% cotton (breathable!) super sturdy (double stitching!) and very bright (choice of colours!).
All proceeds directly support Crack Theatre Festival 2016 being able to happen.

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T-shirt $25 (sizes S-XL) choice of 3 colours – mint/watermelon/black with white print.
Tote (cotton canvas, deep gusset) $15 – white with print colour choice of mint/watermelon/black.
Badges $3 each – designs – logo/nervous croc/suave snowman/cool bird.