We care about access: of artists to each other, and of audiences to your work. That’s why throughout Crack’s decade long history we’ve maintained the Festival as FREE to attend, FREE to present, without any application fee.

At times over our history we’ve been blessed with funding, and other times we’ve staged festivals without funding despite our darndest efforts. Why? Because we think this Festival needs to exist: a space for exchange, for risk taking work, for critical dialogue and for connecting with the Australian early-career contemporary performance community.

This year we have a number of applications and strategies in the pipeline to bring $$$ to the Festival. We can’t guarantee any funding to make or show your work. What we can do is prioritise spending the money we have on access. If you’re from far away and would struggle to get to the Festival to share your work without a financial leg-up, let us know in your application and we’ll do what we can.

Crack is a volunteer-run event – we don’t make a profit, and it’s not where anyone goes to make the big bucks. There’s so much we can give you instead to make it the perfect place to premiere your new work.

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