The Updater

Thursday 28 September, all weekend
Across Festival Venues

A daily This is Not Art newspaper that features contributions from Festival artists and breaking festival news. Hand screen printed on demand.

Literally fresh off the press, The Updater is your daily source of breaking TiNA news. Track down the roving team of artists-slash-journalists-slash-editors-slash-printers throughout the festival to get clued up on exclusive guaranteed 100% real* TiNA Festival news. The Updater will be printing across festival venues, so keep an eye on social media to get your copy of each day’s edition.

Created by Danni McGrath

Danni McGrath
Danni is a printmaker, zine maker, collector, dog enthusiast, intern, cyclist and otherwise general purpose artist. McGrath works independently and collaboratively to make work on a range of topics including public transport, business theory, media ownership, dogs and her hometown of Perth. These works take the form of drawings, screen prints, booklets, photographs and websites.