Setting the Stages

For 2014-2016, thanks to the support of the Australia Council, the Festival is able to offer financial support to one project from each state and territory across Australia. The Festival will support the journey of these projects to the festival by covering transport and accommodation costs, as well as offering an artist fee for the presentation of their work at the Festival.

Applications that can demonstrate that they are an independent artist or group of artists presenting a new contemporary performance work will be considered for this additional support.
Applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • The project is grounded in contemporary performance and seeks to innovate in form or content
  • The applicants can demonstrate an understanding of how they will deliver the project they are pitching
  • The project is suited to the Crack Theatre Festival and has an understanding of the context in which they are presenting
  • Must be a new contemporary performance work (can be part of an existing tour, just not a remount)
  • Applicants must be an independent artist or group of artists.

How do I apply for Setting the Stages?
All applications to the Crack Theatre Festival will be considered for this initiative. There’s no need to fill out another form!

Do I have to complete a budget?
No. At this stage we are just looking to hear a little more about who you are and what you would like to do. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed and at this stage we will ask you about what will be required to make your project work.

How many artists can I have working on my project?
Apply with your ideal creative team. There is no limit for artists at this stage although as our funds are limited, we can often only pay 2-3 Key Creatives in your team.

What happens if we aren’t successful with our application to the Setting the Stages initiative?
All applications will be considered for the broader Crack Theatre Festival.


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