Support Us

The Festival has historically been provided free of charge to artists and audiences alike, and as we head into 2017 we are committed to keeping as much of the Festival free as we can.

Forgoing artist registration fees and ticketing makes the Festival accessible to artists and audiences with limited finances. Without the pressure of box office sales and upfront costs, artists are able to focus on the development of their work. Free events also ensure audiences are able to experience everything we have to offer.

The Festival is run by a team of emerging arts workers and artists who volunteer their time to make this event happen. We rely heavily on these volunteer hours and in-kind support, with periodic project-based grants for programming, travel, marketing and production costs.

Crack Theatre Festival provides an invaluable opportunity for artists across Australia, directly contributing to a vibrant and diverse future for the arts in this country. We provide access to a national network, a community, a family.

If you are interested in donating to Crack Theatre Festival or would like to engage in Sponsorship, Partnership and/or offer in kind support, please contact us at – We’d love to hear from you!

2016 Festival Supporters: 
Sara Scarlet Strachan // Kirby Medway // Finn O’Branagáin // Christina Robberds // Amanda Wright // Chris Ryan // Kevin Ng // Mara Davis // Mark King // Melissa Lee Speyer // Ben and Suzy Strout // Chris Dunstan // Cj Fraser-Bell // Nick Atkins // Grant Moxom // Beth McMahon // Robert Hogarth // Simon Binns // Fergus O’Branagain // Heather Riley // Justine Cogan // Harriet Gillies // Hannah Grant // Adelaide Radelaide Rief // Morgan Little // Belinda Locke // Keeva Speyer // Sue Lyons // Jennifer Woods // Rachel Burke // Jude Loxley // Margot Politis // Patricia Rogers // June Rogers // Devon Taylor // Katrina Douglas // Emma McManus // Rowan McDonald // Lauren Scott-Young // Robyn Brady // Mariah O’Dea // Danielle Asquith // Natalie Rose // Teri Jorgensen // Cheng Tang

Big thanks to all the anonymous supporters who spared some coin for our wee festival as well! 

2016 Partnerships:
Tantrum Youth Arts // Propel Youth Arts WA

2016 Venue Sponsors: 
Pivot Dance // Watt Space Student Gallery of the University of Newcastle // The Jungle // Newcastle Diggers Club // The Royal Exchange // Newcastle Museum // Gallery Sixty One Revisited // The Emporium // Roses Cafe Gallery // Pachamama House Community Hub // Joy Cummings Centre // Elderly Citizens Centre // Pacific Park

2016 Equipment Sponsors
Shopfront // University of Newcastle and the Conservatorium of Music // Hunter TAFE: Newcastle Campus // University of New South Wales // University of Wollongong // Erica Gelzennis