Zoe Street’s Top Five Festival Faves

By Zoe Street

Top picks are hard – especially because I’m just so excited just to be immersed in the whole Festival! But when it comes down to it there are some things that are getting me outrageously excited for Crack Theatre Festival 2016 (so much so that I am flying all the way over from yee far isolated Perth). Here are my top picks from the 2016 Program!

Echo Chamber/Witness by the indirect Object

This group of talented artists are exploring spectatorship and empathy in intimate one-on-one sound and touch based immersive performance projects. The research for this project has taken them to the other side of the globe to bring audiences the sounds of a world that’s not our own. What excites me about this performance is that it’s about connecting us as first world citizens to the war and terror that we simultaneously view and disassociate from because we consume it through our screens, on social media and the news. And I crave to experience art that connects us to perspectives beyond our lived and shared societal experience to jolt us into feeling something different. Since 2014, Crack Theatre Festival has been a platform for the indirect Object, a company definitely set on a long and successful journey, and the chance to experience the initial beginnings of this project and see where it goes really inspires me!

Five Petals by Alina Tang and SJ Finch

I know I’ve already frothed over these guys but I seriously cannot wait to experience love through all things flowers. Eating flowers. Pushing petals into clay. Making bouquets…Whatever is in store here I cannot wait to be an audience member of such an intimate, floral expressive performance.

FIFO by Danielle Asquith (Works-in-development) 

This is a work-in-progress exploring the challenges and acceptances of flying in fly out workers using real words of FIFO workers and their families (I love me some verbatim action). Artist Danielle Asquith is exploring this theme through physical based movement so I’m really interested to see how content and form work together. I think it’ll also be great to get used to seeing work that is in development and being exposed to process of other artists and the conversations we can engage in as a creative collective (so really I’m pretty keen for the works-in-development program stream in general).

L00t by Soulfire Circus

A work that explores the mythos of the bushranger. And the trope of women as reward. Meaty content already right? But what makes it even more fierce is the two creators Kirsten Wolf and Debra Rodrigues are circus performers who tell this story with flames. Now I’m unsure if these are metaphorical or literal flames but I’m pretty sure (and desperately hoping) for the latter because fire performance is truly mesmerising and alive.

TiNA Talks

We’ve got some killer topics for the panels this year including Art and Gender, and Art and the Environment, and combined with some pretty killer panelists we’re sure to get into some pretty deep discussion around experimental art and how we interact with social issues as artists. I’m keen to drink coffee and hear fellow artists talk about two subjects I care most about in the world. What could be better?!

I am so eager for the festival this year and for the usual Crack Theatre Festival shenanigans. But you may have heard the rumours… This year there is no official location for our beloved Crack House. Yes this is slightly tragic but do not fear, I have heard through the grapevine that the Crack House can never die and in the spirit of Crack camaraderie, the Crack House is alive and on the move….

Oh and while I’ve got your attention…I am also performing!!! Alongside working with the killer team at Crack Theatre Festival, I am also coming over with the Hive Ensemble to present Look Up, a series of intimate one-on-one performances that are about disrupting routine to create meaningful moments of exchange and connection in an increasingly digitalised world.

So watch out for me. I have crazy brown curls and I’m all about questions and intimate conversation. See you soon!


Zoe Street volunteers her time as Crack Theatre Festival Field Reporter and Marketing Assistant. Zoe is an emerging theatre maker from Perth whose interest lies in the culmination of contemporary theatre and performance practice with the field of social research. She spends much of her time getting (very) riled up by social injustice and trying to figure out what to do about it. Hobbies include intense people watching, playing hockey and drinking strong coffee.