Dust yourself off, it's time to get INVOLVED.

Crack Theatre Festival prides itself on providing a platform for artists to experiment with their practice and share their new works within a supportive and constructive community. Each year we get into the ‘Theatre Camp’ spirit and encourage artists and audiences alike to share and inspire each other as we believe that artists should have opportunities to interact, create, and grow together, rather than in isolation.
So here’s our handy list of events that are interactive, unique, and will get you off your bum!

Switch On
Using simple ideas we will create music. Come ready to make some noise, and see how it can be turned into a piece.
TRADE (previously a show but now has been replaced with two workshops from Hurrah Hurrah):
YUCK: The Art of the Grotesque: Join Hurrah Hurrah Artistic Director Alison Bennett for an interactive experience of grotesquerie, mockery and general buffoonery.
The Ultimate Lunch-Hour Clown Workout: Plunge into a 2-hour session of improvised clown performance with Hurrah Hurrah’s ensemble member Alicia Gonzalez.
BAD ASS BIKE BLING: The Lightning Furies
Make your own DIY bike accessories with The Lightning Furies, and use them to reclaim the roads.
Clowning for Circus and Stage
Embrace your inner stupidity through physical comedy, improvisation, and the ancient techniques of the clown.
Physical Theatre, Masks, and Mime-that-doesn’t-stink
Explore techniques for creating original and impactful physical theatre, using the physical body, space, and masks.

Polytics of Voice
Examine the ‘big think’ questions we interrogate consistently as young writers in this performative panel from Playgroup.
Coffee and conversation about art. Facilitated by CTF, one artist from each Festival is invited to present, and you are invited to contribute to the progression of thought. Topics of discussion include: Art and the Environment Art and Gender / Art and Mythology

A NYWF, CA and CTF collab. Artists have the long weekend to collaborate, create, perform and critique a new work.

The Lightning Furies (Bike Ride)
A tough and glittery bike gang of tough women, genderqueer/non-binary and trans people ride through the city. You’re invited.
Five Petals
An intimate 1-on-1 performance that explores our cultural relationship to flowers, acts of love, and an awareness of ephemeral beauty.
mo(ve)ments is made with, and for the visitors to the space; in conversations, in performed dances, and in told stories.

We Always Wanted To Be Professional Dancers
It’s never too late to become a ballerina or learn to sing. Give your fantasies a go and celebrate second chances.
Blindfolded and with just 5 minutes to communicate with your hands, this is a story about touch, told with touch.
Look Up
Just you and the performer. Alone, together. Let them guide you through an immersive experience in a shared public space.
Echo Chamber/Witness
Climb inside. This work examines the relationship between specatorship and empathy. By removing visuals, you will be drawn closer to a raw experience.
S.A.R.A 2000
The test run of S.A.R.A 2000 will push the boundaries of human and machine interaction. You won’t believe your eyes!

Through a ritualistic performance-installation with elements of food, geography and culture, Malvina reflects on her recent move from Singapore to Australia.


CRITICAL STAGES are joining the good people at Crack Theatre Festival to throw an Indi Theatre Picnic. If you are an indi theatre cat this is your chance to join us us for a brainstorm with peers, network with sandwiches and have a blather about what you’re working.
Get YOGA-ss Into Gear
Start your day at TiNA with an invigorating hour of morning yoga in the centre of Newcastle. Join Madison Lee for a guided practice in the park (weather permitting) syncing breath with movement to cultivate a mindful and meditative experience.

HYSTERIA: The Shake Up
Curated chaos. A program of female voices let loose for the afternoon to get Hysterical.
Pants on The Outside Party
The Crack Theatre Festival’s annual ‘hoe’ down. Wear your pants on the outside or come as your most esteemed female superhero (interpretations obvs welcome!).

Festival Feast
Food and Festival artists and audiences together. BYO pot/plate/tray/bag and begin the sharing.

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