CTF: Tell us about your collective: Why do you make experimental performance? What’s important about this medium to you?
SHATFACE are in love with the risk. As for us being a duo- It’s great for our friendship, lusty times & continued interest in each other as humans. We incite laughter, post- post-modern dance moves,  play with toys, surprise each other and our audiences. You won’t be left hungry, but you will be left wanting…
CTF: Tell us about the Expulsive Arts?
The process goes: research/listen/dream/think (inhale) GESTATE Create skeleton text. (Exhale) Orate. EXPLODE!
CTF: A highlight of developing and/or performing this work so far? 
The interplay that happens around our kitchen table. Dapr works his wizardry and I give the approvals. That sweet moment when we wait to see what happens next and/or what the algorithm will spit out   … “We don’t know!” Joy when it drops, Hysterical when it flops. Quick thinking and live-to-the-minute curating. Effluence & Ephemera.
CTF: What are three words/phrases that describe your body of work?
Intellectronica. Expulsive storytelling. “Your local Husband & Wife news team”.

CTF: What can audiences expect?
The Birthday Party “Suck my Pop Culture” will be fast & loose! Expect nothing. Receive everything. Happy Birthday TiNA!

CTF: Have you been to Crack Theatre Festival before? Is there a little pearl of a memory you can share with us that marks that experience as distinctly CTF?
Crack Head since its inception: have performed as Casio Gloria about 5 times and appeared in cameo performances, roving and open mics. The imprint I have was from “Play Pen” a wild party at maybe the 1st or 2nd ever Crack- where “Dolly” performed simultaneous electric violin and interpretive dance to someones poems and news flashes- I remember re-creating a tornado…. 

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