Electric Naga

Thursday 2nd October 8:00pm The Crack House
Friday 3rd October 8:50pm The Crack House
Saturday 4th October 5:45pm The Edwards
Sunday 5th October 7:00pm The Crack House

You’re a ghost driving a meat coated skeleton made from stardust, what have you to be scared of? Dance | Dark Circus | Insanity | Beauty An experimental performance piece combining new technology and ancient moves. A plug and play performance.

Created and Performed by Wolf Ifritah
Wolf Ifritah: Cultural cannibal, artist, dancer, circus freak, coder and experimenter. I’m interested in the art of play, in improvisation and moving meditation. I create characters from old world mythology. Then explore these characters, by dancing them into being. I make all my own costumes and props.

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