Eucapocalypts Now

Saturday 4th October 6:30pm The Crack House
Sunday 5th October 7:00pm The Crack House

Eucapocolypts Now starts from the premise that we need to be prepared for a future in which human life is no longer the center of the world. The capacity of the world to fulfill our material desires is being rapidly depleted, particularly in Australia, and we are concerned to think through a particularly Australian response – a wave of eucalypt breaking over our cities and towns; tarmac cracks and blisters and the mallee begins its long march back over abandoned farmland. How are we to process this? Will we go mad? Or can we develop new myths and philosophies which complement the sour taste of sap?

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Created and Performed by Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon.

Presented by Crack Theatre Festival under the Setting the Stages initiative, with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts through the Creative Australia Emerging Presenter grant.

Aaron Kirby and Eleanor Malbon are poets from Canberra interested in questions of human society and the earth from which it blooms

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