Before you start your pitch, we’d love you to get in touch and talk about your work and whether Crack is right for you. Maybe you’ve got a few ideas to choose from, or you need a particular kind of support. Email us on crackfestad@gmail.com

I adore Crack Theatre Festival! Why the name change?
A: We’re celebrated our tenth-year as an independent festival in 2018. Crack isn’t leaving behind what we’ve done so far. We’re looking for a stronger name to communicate who we are and what we stand for – what we’re already about.

Do you hate theatre now?
A: Not at all! We feel like the term ‘performance’ is broader, more connected with the artists who have applied and performed in the past, and describes the range of pitches we’d love to see in our inbox. We want to be inclusive of folks who don’t fit easily under the label of theatre, who might mix artforms or create things we don’t have words for.

How new are these new artists you’re looking for?
A: If you’re at the start of your practice, if you’ve recently graduated or begun your arts career, and you have a clear idea of something you want to share with the world through performance, we want you to apply for Crack.

I’m not a new artist. I’ve been working for a while, and I might have been to Crack a few times already. Am I still welcome?
A: Of course! We want to offer experienced artists a place where they can try something completely new. If you have an established practice and want a place to premiere your latest work, we don’t think Crack is right for that – you’ve probably got plenty of other places to choose from. If you want to take a left turn in your performance career, that’s what Crack is for.

What kind of left turn do you mean?
A: Say you’re a playwright who’s written 5 hit plays. Maybe don’t pitch your 6th to Crack – but if you want to devise your first solo autobiographical work and perform yourself for the first time, absolutely pitch that to Crack.

If you’re a performance maker who’s never used dance, come to us. If you’ve always worked in theatres and want to experiment with site-specificity, come to us. If you want to build an entirely new relationship with your audiences, come to us.

If you have a work that you know can’t find a home anywhere else, regardless of your experience level, please come to us.

And as always, if you’re not sure about whether you fit, please give us a call.

You talk about newness a lot. Does that mean I should bring a draft, or an unfinished work?
A: Our ideal festival features works that are complete but untested. We want to provide the first audiences of strangers to works that might have gone through developments and a showing or two. They might not be totally polished. They’re still ready for a crowd.

I have a cracker idea but I haven’t started making the show. Is it right for Crack?
A: 100%. We expect many of our pitches to be at the initial idea stage, and others to be drafts and far from finished. We’d love to help you through that development process between now and September, whether that’s with dramaturgical advice, helping you find collaborators, or securing residencies that offer you time and space.

I’ve got a brilliant show that’s a hit in a bunch of cities already. Should I come to Crack?
A: We don’t see Crack as another spot on the fringe circuit. If your show is polished and ready for some love, find yourself a Newcastle venue where you can charge proper money and make that dough! Crack’s a place where you can start a work’s journey, or try out a new experiment in your practice.

I live far away from Newcastle and I’m not connected to that community. Can you help me get there and build relationships when I do?
A: Access to the festival is one of our top priorities. If you’re a regional or interstate artist unsure about how to make it to the festival, whether that be through financial difficulty or accessibility concerns, give us a call and we’ll do everything we can to figure out a path for you.

We’re all interested in experimentation and untested work. What if my work fails?
A: We acknowledge that not every work is going to be a smash right out of the gate. We believe that setbacks are an important part of every show and every artist’s journey, and we’re committed to supporting our artists through that process. If your show doesn’t do what it set out to achieve, our feedback circles and mentors will be there to help you figure out what to do next.

I have more questions! Who should I talk to?
A: Our co-Artistic Directors, Christie and Pierce, would love to hear from you if you have any questions about your pitch – whether it’s right for Crack, or how to make it the clearest and most compelling articulation of your idea. Please email us on crackfestad@gmail.com with any thoughts, and we can discuss via email or set up a time for a phone call.

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Need a word doc of the application form? CTF 2019 Artist Application Form