INSIDE CRACK: Devised Dancing Despite Distance

By Alex Morris @Nemiwai
Far Flung is a long-distance dance work, part installation and part performance. The dance troupe members have been interacting with each other solely through Skype until a few weeks ago.  They recently met up in Melbourne to practice in person for the first time, and that session is where they were able to get the photo for this story. 
They are five dancers and choreographers: Anna Kallstrom from Phillips Island; Hannah Wong from Singapore; Courtney Scheau from Brisbane; Ashlee Bye from Canberra and Robert Brassington from Bendigo. They range in age from 23-25
“The performances happening three different venues at the same time via Google hangout so that we can see each other. We’re trying to dance with each other via distance,” Ashlee said.

DSC06695 They’ll have TV screens set up in different spaces throughout Crack Theatre Festival, and at no point will any of them be in the same physical location all at once.

They began talking about the idea in May. In June they started practicing rehearsing their moves through skype, and Courtney and Robert even messaged their moves to one another.
They also have a program which recorded the screen, so they could watch their actions on skype.
Far Flung decided to do this because they really wanted to work together, and this was the one way they could do it. They said other dance troupes have had a similar approach. It’s something they couldn’t have done five years ago. 
They will be performing at various individual locations each day of Crack Theatre Festival.

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