Is this your life

Friday 3rd October 2-5pm 48 Watt Street
Saturday 4th October 2-5pm 48 Watt Street
Sunday 5th October 2-5pm 48 Watt Street

Do you lead your thoughts or do your thoughts lead you? Let this time and gender blending performance help you understand where you truly are.


Created by Dario Vacirca and Lukus Robbins

Open Space artist Lukus and Artistic Director Dario started collaborating in 2013. Both share a fascination with interactive conversation and the physical acts of the everyday. They have formed an exploratory working relationship currently manifesting through the This Is Your Life series.

Dario Vacirca creates and facilitates solo and collaborative art projects and programs – working across borders, art forms and models of creation. He is currently the Artistic Director of Open Space, a leading voice in contemporary arts in SA.

Lukus Robbins is contemporary theatre maker, creative producer/director and digital artist who studied at Dartington College of Arts/Falmouth University in the UK. He is fascinated with articulating stories about the everyday, focusing on composing immersive experiences and working with the dramaturgies of place. His work has always been about taking the audience on a multi-sensory journey, both indoors and outside. His professional debut project Now We Can Talk had a sold out season at the 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival and won the John Chataway Innovation Award and a weekly award for best Theatre as well as receiving five star reviews.

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