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Friday 3rd October 1-5pm The Crack House
Saturday 4th October 1-3pm The Crack House

Obliterating the insignificance in you since 2014. Upgrade your personal brand with some ‘On Trend Travel’. Book a consultation today.

On Trend Travel

Created and Performed by Rue de la Rocket
Erin Taylor has been collaborating, acting and directing since graduating from the University of Wollongong. With Rue de la Rocket, Erin has developed new work for The Sydney Fringe, Tits Up, This is My Box and Our Shop for TINA 2012.
Karli Evans is a performer/writer, with her work being seen in Australia, UK and the USA. Her performances include: Tiger Country (Little Spoon Theatre), This Is My Box (Rue De La Rocket), Where’s My Money (Little Spoon Theatre), Our Shop (Rue De La Rocket).
Karena Thomas has performed in several Arts Festivals around the world as an actor/improviser. With Rue de la Rocket, Karena has developed and performed in new works for The Sydney Fringe, Tits Up, This is My Box and Our Shop for TINA 2012.
Kat Roma Greer: Based between Hong Kong and Australia, Kat works as a performance maker focusing on arts for positive social change. She has trained in voice, theatre and performance making for 18 years and has been working with young and emerging artists for over 12 years.
Samuel Booth: Sam’s written work includes the award-winning short film ‘6.49 Middleton Rd’, and theatre productions staged in New York, Montreal, Sydney, Adelaide Fringe Festival and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Samuel has produced text based and collaborative works in both Australia and Canada.

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